03 December 2010

Retailing Carrie K.

Carolyn Kan, known as Carrie to her friends, a talented up-and-coming jewelry designer based in Singapore, approached us to help with her first retail space. We jumped at the challenge to conceptualise a retail area that evoked her artisan style as well as displayed her hand made jewlery at its best.

Our first challenge was with Carrie K's existing identity. Originally produced in a small printers shop in Florence there was already some emotional attachment to the mark. Our task was to have the crown redrawn, ensuring it sat better with the type and was more robust in its applications to various mediums: email sign-offs to glass engraving. We sourced a very well known print-maker in the UK, Christopher Wormell who had just recently re-drawn the London Royal Ballet crest. His unique talent was perfect for what we needed and a real joy to work with such a talented craftsmen. Chistopher redrew the crown by hand after which he then converted the drawing to a digital format.

The second part of the challenge was to develop Carrie K's retail space which was in a modern designer fashion store, The Society of Black Sheep. A whimsical wardrobe design became the Carrie K. focal point and combined with cut-out mirrors for the jewelry, the
Carrie K. retail brand was born.

[Update: Carrie K was awarded the Best New Jewelry Designer, Elle Magazine 2010]

To see more images from the retail space visit: Carrie K on Flickr

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