20 January 2011

Letterpress, making an impression

There is something profoundly inspiring seeing true letterpress examples, even more so to acutally feel, touch and hold them. Maybe it is the notalgia of lead metal type, or that it evokes the very essence of design and print in its purest form, whatever it may be this dying trade has seemed to have found a resurgence in wedding collateral. Here are a couple of great examples by SMOCK based out of NY, we found them during our research for our Quentin's wedding invitation.

If you decide to go down the Letterpress route, the biggest challenge is to find a printer who can still do it. After some searching we found a printer based in Singapore who were willing to dust off their old Heidelberg and give it a try. PRENSA were very eager. Unfortunatley they did not anticipate the complications they would have rennovating their old machine, meanwhile the clock was ticking, the wedding couldn't wait. We had to go with a more conventional method of printing using debossing to achieve a similar technique. Still, next time we'll know where to go!

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