20 October 2010

Poems Journal

Some of the more interesting and rewarding projects we come across are those which become a labour of love. They seldom make money and hardly ever follow a time-line.
You embark on these projects fueled by a desire to produce an enlightened piece of work, something that evokes a response in the reader and ultimately expresses creativity in its purest form.

The Odd Poems and Slogans book, for our dear friend John O'Sullivan www.Irish-Poet.com was no exception. John is a frenetic poet, if he is not tapping away his poems into his Blackberry he is doodling them on the back of postcards. Our challenge was to bring all these ephemeral materials he had been collating, from childhood photos to Egyptian street signs, together to create a very personal journal. The project stretched over 18 months, and at one stage was even residing in our meeting room with our designer, Shermeen.

Now nearing the end it will soon be in print, but before we unveil it we thought you may like to see how it evolved. From a DHL box brimming with odd poems and slogans to John's personal journal of discovery.

See the book in full here.

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