07 October 2010

Wallpaper and Paste

How do you get visitors to return to your site on a regular basis, that's always a question we find ourselves asking. Apart from ensuring the work is worth coming back to you can try offering freebies.

We had already developed some graphic images for our website, so it seemed an obvious progression to adapt those images for use as wallpapers. Offering different sizes for different uses i.e; iPhone, iPad including various Mac screens we ensured we catered for most needs. By releasing one set at a time, on bi-monthly basis, we also (hopefully) ensured a steady return of wallpaper fans.

iPhone and iPad template files are common on the web, we grabbed ours from
iPad/iPhone .psd files  The .psd file provides you with the iPad/iPhone in a layered photoshop file, you can then strip away the elements you don't need, ie. the iPad home screen, allowing you to drop in your own visual.

You can check out our wallpapers here..
Qube iPad/iPhone Wallpapers

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